Conducting high quality risk mitigation assessments

for investors and businesses with interests in Indonesia.

Minimising Risk, Maximising Value

Unrivalled insights and analysis in business due diligence in Indonesia.

Specialist Services

Business Due Diligence Indonesia can retrieve official company filings and  shareholder details. For companies and individuals, BDDI examines potential political exposure, military and criminal links, civil litigation histories, and regulatory and corruption checks. We also offer reputational checks drawing from industry, NGOs, Government and research experts.

Deep Source Enquiries

For our due diligence source enquiries in Indonesia,  we have nurtured and developed an extensive network of the most up-to-date and insightful authorities in the business, government, research, NGO and financial sectors. Business Due Diligence Indonesia’s contacts are able to offer information and analysis that is unavailable through regular channels.

BDDI's Services

Corporate Filings

BDDI retrieves officially notarised corporate filing submissions, accessing the most recent company filing summary or an historical record of all company official amendments.

Authoritative Sources

We have a vast network of contacts that allows us insights and perspective from some of Indonesia’s leading business, financial, research and political thinkers and current events observers.

Adverse Media Research

Our local Indonesian researchers run in-depth and extensive analysis of Indonesia’s most prominent media outlets, and localised fringe media. All reports are fully referenced and verifiable.

Litigation and Bankrupcy

BDDI runs litigation and bankruptcy checks through official channels such as the Supreme Court of Indonesia, the Attorney’s Office, and the Tax Court Secretariat of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance.


BDDI can conduct research through local and international NGO and Government corruption watchdog databases, and also carry out targeted interviews from industry experts.


As part of out client’s due diligence process we run pre-employment screening and background histories on potential employees. We can also conduct site interviews and visits.

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